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New To Beards

So, you've stopped shaving and you're planning to let it all grow out? Nice.

While a clean shave is a classic look, there is a certain rough and tumble cool that can only come from sporting a bit of stubble. 

Your beard is a living organism and needs care and feeding in order to be magical and luxurious at any length. 

MAINTAINING YOUR BEARD: For your daily grooming routine you will want to look to employ some form of beard wash [LINK]. As a matter of preparing your beard to see the outside world, you have options including a beard oil [LINK] and a beard balm [LINK]. The beard oil serves as a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, conditions and softens your beard allowing it to achieve its peak fullness. Like a beard oil, the beard balm also conditions but allows you the added benefit of serving as a protectant (sealing in the moisture) and giving you some control over styling. 

STYLING YOUR BEARD: You will need a beard brush [LINK]. Depending on the length and fullness of your beard, you may also want to consider the beard comb [LINK] or even a beard shaper [LINK]. Your beard will also likely need a bit of shaping in order to conform to the look you're shooting for, unless you're going for full on mountain man -- which is cool too. For shaping your beard, you will want a trusty pair of scissors with enough length and dexterity to efficiently trim up any unruly growth.