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New To Cartridge Razors

Okay, well everyone has to start somewhere. At least you've ditched the disposable razor and are looking to make your way up the curve to a more respectable grooming routine. We are not here to judge, only to help you find that perfect shave. 

Cartridge razors represent the most straightforward of shaves you can hope for. While not as close or precise as a double edge safety razor, a barber razor, or a straight razor, the cartridge razor is an efficient means of saving time and getting the job done. 


The first thing to consider when embarking on the plan to shave with a cartridge razor is what sort of arsenal you want to line up. A good razor is a fine start although if you're looking to improve your shaving experience, you may also want to consider upgrading your shaving gel to a proper shaving soap. To do so will require that you buy a shaving soap as well as a brush to lather it up and make you feel like a million bucks. Do not despair as there are many wonderful entry level choices here. You can consider wrapping everything up in one with a shaving set, which will include everything you need. An example of one of our most popular is below:


If you'd rather build your own kit, you're going to want to look at picking up a nice shaving brush such as:


For more about types of shaving brushes, check out our "GUIDE TO SHAVING BRUSHES". 

Along with your brush, you will want to get a shaving soap. At Groom Manifest we have a wide variety of shaving soaps [LINK] in all sorts of scents.

From there, you will need to decide on either a bowl or a mug in which to lather up your shaving soap. Bowls [LINK] make for an elegant display although the mug [LINK] is certainly a classic manly choice.

Finally, there is the question of stands. Some prefer to leave their razor on the sink and have a separate stand for their brush. Others prefer to have an integrated stand for both the brush and the razor, while others prefer to have everything including the shaving bowl all wrapped into one neat little stand package. We offer you the option of each of the above in or section of razor stands.

One thing to know about cartridge razors is that you will still require a steady supply of cartridges in order to keep your razor happy. You will need to source the cartridge that fits with your razor. Each cartridge razor is labeled for which kind of razor it fits.