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New To Double Edge Safety Razors

A Traditionalist Shave...

Good for you. Not settling for shaving like the sheep and making the step to double edge safety razors. Also referred to as "DE" razors or "safety razors" these razors are probably what your grandfather used to shave with, assuming your grandfather sought to be clean shaven gentleman. If you're unclear on how to use a safety razor, check out the How To Use A Safety Razor.

Double The Edges = Double The Fun

The double edge safety razor is a solid way of achieving a clean daily shave without having to master the art of a barber razor or straight razor. The blades are inexpensive and do a very good job of getting you a smooth shave on a consistent basis. As the work of a double edge safety razor is done by the blade, the difference in the razors is really about the feel in your hand. Some prefer a shorter razor, whereas others like the long handle. Some prefer a textured grip and others like the smoothed polished feel. Some prefer the open comb and others prefer the closed comb. Beyond this, there are a ton of aesthetic options to choose from.

Feather Standard Double Edge Razor

Basic entry level double edge safety razor.
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Astra Platinum Double Edge Blades

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Starting Out

The first thing to consider when embarking on the plan to shave with a double edge safety razor is what sort of arsenal you want to line up. A good razor is a fine start although if you're looking to improve your shaving experience, you may also want to consider upgrading your shaving gel to a proper shaving soap. To do so will require that you buy a shaving soap as well as a brush to lather it up and make you feel like a million bucks. You will also have to consider which of the razor blade brands you want to support. Do not despair as there are many wonderful entry level choices with all of the above. You can consider wrapping everything up in one with a shaving set, which will include everything you need.

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If you'd rather build your own kit, you're going to want to look at picking up a nice shaving brush.

Brushes are made of either badger hair (which is most popular), other animal hair (such as boar or horse), or from synthetic fibers. Each type of brush comes in an innumerable variety of handles to match your personal style and tastes. For more about types of shaving brushes, check out our:

Muhle Hexagon Closed Comb Safety Razor Shaving Set

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Muhle Liscio Closed Comb Safety Razor Shaving Set

The Material – High Grade Resin High-grade resin is a high-quality synthetic material,...
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Muhle Purist Closed Comb Safety Razor Shaving Set

The Material – High Grade Resin High-grade resin is a high-quality synthetic material,...
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Muhle Rytmo Closed Comb Safety Razor Shaving Set

Our Muhle RYTMO Safety Razor Set The Material – High Grade Resin High-grade...
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Going Way Beyond The Shaving Cream Pump

Along with your brush, you will want to get a proper shaving soap. At Groom Manifest we have a wide variety of shaving soaps in all sorts of scents.

Bowl vs. Mug

Now you will need to decide on either a bowl or a mug in which to lather up your shaving soap. Bowls make for an elegant countertop display although the mug is certainly a classic manly choice.

What Will Stand For Your New Razor?

There is also the question of stands. Some prefer to leave their razor on the sink and have a separate stand for their brush. Others prefer to have an integrated stand for both the brush and the razor, while others prefer to have everything including the shaving bowl all wrapped into one neat little stand package. We offer you the option of each of the above in or section of razor stands.

The Question Of Razor Blades

Finally, there is the question of which brand of safety razor blade will you support. The only way to describe this process is to draw a comparison to supporting a professional sports team. While they all do very similar things it is their differences and their branding that causes so much endless debate amongst enthusiasts that we can only say, try several and figure out which one feels most comfortable to you at a price point that you are happy with. Every wet shaving enthusiast has an opinion as to which blade reigns supreme and like with football supporters, everyone is sure that they know which is best and that everyone who doesn't agree with them is an idiot.