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New To Straight Razors

Everything You Wanted To Know

Welcome To The Next Level....

Bravo, my friend! Bravo! Your interest in the straight razor shows that you are a man of discretion and taste. Or at least you are willing to read like one. The straight razor truly provides an unparalleled experience and you should be commended for your interest in starting down a path that will lead you to a lifetime of close shave, relaxation, an air of superiority and an unmatched swagger. If you're unclear on how to use a straight razor, check out:


Buy yourself an alum block. If you're reading this page, you're going to need one. An alum block is how a gentleman stops the blood from oozing out of his face when his shave gets a bit TOO close. Use the discount code "NEWBYOUCH" to save 25% on any alum block we carry.

There is no shame in the early nicks, only in not treating them and learning from them.

Next, you must face the question of true straight razor versus barber razor

The true straight razor, as described more fully below is a razor in which the blade is a solid metal blade attached to a handle. The blade remains with you for the life of the razor and you sharpen it like a samurai with a strop or honing stone. This is as old timey as it gets. The barber razor is a variant of this although instead of the blade being attached, it uses a disposable safety razor blade, which gets swapped out.

The reason it is called a barber razor

The reason it is called a barber razor is because for barber shops the use of this type of razor is far more sanitary as the blade itself is changed out for each use.


If you're looking to try your hand at straight razors but want to ease in, the barber razor is an excellent way of starting out.

Dovo (the premiere name in straight razors) makes a variant of the barber razor known as a "Shavette®"

Anyone else claiming to make a barber razor and calling it a Shavette® is engaging in trademark infringement. Gentleman support the defense of intellectual property and would never refer to a non-Dovo barber razor as a Shavette®.

Which width is right?

Assuming you're still on track for the true straight razor, you must ask yourself the size question. Most straight razors are made in two blade widths 5/8" and 6/8". The debate of blade size is as old as time and really the answer is it is a matter of preference. That said, the classical answers to the differences between 5/8" and 6/8" are below.

5/8 vs 6/8

The short answer is that the 5/8" is generally viewed to give you better maneuverability when it comes to detail work. For this reason, it is seen as the more preferable choice for early straight razor users although many highly experienced shavers will use the 5/8" forever. 

The 6/8" is considered by some to give a cleaner shave because of the additional heft of the razor, the wider blade also is seen as a bit more durable and lasts longer. The 6/8" blade is also a bit more popular here at Groom Manifest.

From here, it is really a matter of taste and preference as to the design of the razor. Your wallet will also help guide you. For the minimalist, there are simple resin handle straight razors although you can go all the way up to buffalo horns and even mammoth tusks if you are so inclined. For the first time straight razor buyer, we think that the Dovo Straight Razor Cellidur Black Handle makes and excellent start:

Dovo Straight Razor Cellidur Black Handle

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The next thing beyond the razor itself to consider when embarking on the plan to shave with a straight razor is what sort of arsenal you want to line up.

A good razor is a fine start although if you're looking to improve your shaving experience, you may also want to consider upgrading your shaving gel to a proper shaving soap. To do so will require that you buy a shaving soap as well as a brush to lather it up and make you feel like a million bucks. Do not despair as there are many wonderful entry-level choices with all of the above. You can consider wrapping everything up in one with one of our Straight Razor shaving sets, which will include everything you need.

If you'd rather build your own kit, you're going to want to look at picking up a nice shaving brush such as:

Muhle Kosmo Closed Comb Safety Razor Shaving Set

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For more about types of shaving brushes, check out our "GUIDE TO SHAVING BRUSHES"

Along with your brush, you will want to get a shaving soap. At Groom Manifest we have a wide variety of shaving soaps in all sorts of scents.

From there, you will need to decide on either a bowl or a mug in which to lather up your shaving soap.

Bowls make for an elegant display although the mug is certainly a classic manly choice.

There is also the question of stands.

Some prefer to leave their razor on the sink and have a separate stand for their brush. Others prefer to have an integrated stand for both the brush and the razor, while others prefer to have everything including the shaving bowl all wrapped into one neat little stand package. We offer you the option of each of the above in or section of razor stands. 

Muhle Liscio Cartridge Razor Shaving Set

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