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Barbarossa Synthetic Shaving Brush with Matching Drip Stand

Barbarossa Synthetic Shaving Brush with Matching Drip Stand

Developed with cutting edge precision and the finest materials, our synthetic shaving brush is designed to replicate the softness of silvertip badger hair whilst being animal friendly.

Super soft at the tip and firm at the base, our vegan brush offers the best of both worlds. The artificial fibres are dyed to match the natural variation of badger hair providing a realistic, classical look that will last the test of time.

The brush arrives with a high quality resin handle, providing low maintenance and durability. To help dry and protect your brush, we have included a matching drip stand. Once you are done shaving simple rinse the brush and leave in the stand. The stand can also be wall mounted for the dedicated wet shaver.

The brush and the stand arrive in a premium black presentation box making this a great gift or reward for the discerning gent.


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