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Disposable Blade Bank

This little bank may not help you save money but it sure will help you save yourself from uttering some nasty curses early in the morning when you reach into a cabinet and cut yourself on an old razor blade.

I was actually just telling the story of how before I had the blade bank, I used to toss my blades into the waste bin after they were used. One day, I absent mindedly threw away the packaging to a new twist safety razor without thinking about it. 

Seconds later, I realized that I would require those instructions and sought to retrieve them only to discover that the spent double edge razor blades, while no longer sharp enough to excise the hairs from my face were indeed sharp enough to do a number on my fingers.

Needless to say, I keep two of these blade banks on my sink at any time – one for daily use and one to remember why I need one.

Groom Manifest Blade Bank A small plastic disposable storage unit for all of your spent double edge razor blades. Fill it up and then safely dispose of your blades.

Groom Manifest

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