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Dovo Bismarck Ebony Wood Handle (6/8")
Dovo Bismarck Ebony Wood Handle (6/8")
Dovo Bismarck Ebony Wood Handle (6/8")

Dovo Bismarck Ebony Wood Handle (6/8")

The Dovo Bismarck series of straight razors have been long celebrated by shaving enthusiasts. This distinguished razor features a carbon steel, fully hollow ground, round point blade that offers you a close but forgiving shave. The domineering Bismarck has been hand-filed with heavy gold plating on the face, spine and tang – oozing sophistication. The handle has been adorned with a Solingen logo and combines an ideal weight weight and comfortable balance that you'll love.  


  • Blade depth: 6/8"
  • Blade: Crafted from the finest carbon steel and made to last
  • Scales (Handle): Wood
  • Grind Profile: Full Hollow
  • Point: Round
  • Etching: 24 karat gold etching Bismark logo on blade/24 karat gold Sollingen trademark on scales.  
  • Additional: Factory certified Shave ready.
    This exceptional product was produced in Germany by master craftsmen using only the highest quality materials.
    **Shop with confidence - our DOVO razors come with a 2 year warranty**


    Dovo might as well be German for “Straight Razor” as the storied manufacturer essentially mastered the category. The company was founded in 1906 and is based in Solingen, Germany where their team of craftsmen and artisans combine steel with handles into something that can only be described as a work of art sitting next to your sink. The name Dovo comes from the last names of the two founders Carl Dorp + Carl Aruthor Voos, which is probably better than if they called it “Two Germans Named Carl Razors”.