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Dovo Leather Sheath For Straight Razor

Dovo Leather Sheath For Straight Razor

Give your Dovo straight razor a comfy and cozy home when not in use. Let your razor feel the snuggle of a beautiful leather jacket and protect it from the harsh and cruel world out there. These handsome leather sheaths are designed to fit your standard Dovo straight razors and make an excellent way of storing your razor, particularly for a man on the go. Treat your Dovo straight razor well and it will treat you well, for years to come. Available in Brown or Black.


Dovo might as well be German for “Straight Razor” as the storied manufacturer essentially mastered the category. The company was founded in 1906 and is based in Solingen, Germany where their team of craftsmen and artisans combine steel with handles into something that can only be described as a work of art sitting next to your sink. The name Dovo comes from the last names of the two founders Carl Dorp + Carl Aruthor Voos, which is probably better than if they called it “Two Germans Named Carl Razors”.