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The Rockwell 6S is a fully adjustable razor forged from space-grade stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime (or four). The six adjustable sizes ensure anyone can perfect a close, comfortable shave no matter their skin type of facial hair length. This high-end razor combines revolutionary precision-engineered blade angles and patented adjustability to deliver an unparalleled shaving experience. When coupled with Rockwell's pure Swedish Stainless Steel Blades, the 6S provides the ultimate, close shave at a value that will put you off cartridge razors for good.

Proudly forged in the USA.


• Eliminates shaving irritation and in-grown hairs for a close, comfortable shave, every time.

• Patented 6 levels of adjustability and precision-engineered blade angles allow for a perfect shave, no matter your skin type or facial hair thickness

• Precision engineered blade angles provide the ultimate shaving experience.

• Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide.

• Suitable for new classic shavers as well as experienced shave enthusiasts

• Forged in the USA using space-grade all stainless steel components and Guaranteed to last a lifetime (or four)

In The Box:

• One Rockwell 6S Double Edge Razor

• 3 flippable base plates for 6 levels of Patented Adjustability

• 5 Rockwell pure Swedish Stainless Steel Razor Blades

• Several lifetimes of incredible shaves

White Chrome
Matte Stainless Steel

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